Date: 26 September, 2018
Department of computer Science and Engineering, LIET organizing “An Expert Session On Gaming Development (AR/VR) “ on 27th September , 2018. In Association with Digital LYNC, Hyderabad.

Date: 28 September, 2018
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The objective of this workshop is to ensure that the students should understand the growing and evolving use of Gaming .The gaming Improves coordination, improves problem-solving skills and
enhances memory. It Improves attention and concentration and it’s a great source of learning..The gaming improves the brain’s speed, Enhances multitasking skills and improves social skills.

The Principal Dr. Altaf Hussain inaugurated the session with his inspirational thoughts and shared his views regarding gaming.Dr.Shaik Shavali ,HOD CSE Department also shared his knowledge about gaming and its applications.Mr.Radha Krishna,LYNC Hyderabad explained to the students regarding latest updates and developments in gaming .The session concluded by the vote of thanks to the management, Principal for Motivating every time, HOD for constant support, Mr.Radha Krishna and team for accepting our invitation for the session and students for their participation.

The session stated with the introduction of the Augmented Reality and Virtual reality.
Augmented Reality can be defined as the modification of a real-life environment (world) by the addition of visual elements, sound or other sensory stimuli. Its a growing trend in mobile computing, and it is a process in which objects or images are immediately inserted into and therefore overlaid on a real image in a specific situation and in a realistic manner.
Virtual reality is an artificial environment (world) that is created with software and it is presented to the user in a way that the user suspends belief and actually accepts it as a real environment – VR is the umbrella term for all immersive experiences, created by using purely real-world content or purely synthetic content or a hybrid of both.

There are so many tools! The internet is host to all kinds of excellent software to help game designers of all calibers make their very own games. There are software options that are very easy to use. There are a bunch of options that are so simple, you don’t even need programming skills or coding knowledge to use them.

The best thing about Unity is that it offers a very friendly environment for all professionals, whether programmers, designers or artists. It also offers excellent tools for the development of 3D games on any platform such as Microsoft Windows, OS X and Linux, it can also be used together with Adobe Photoshop among others and everything at really accessible prices is the reason why Unity is a tool Valid for beginners and for users who do not have many resources, as well as for large companies.


By this session the students will get an idea of how to develop games which will be useful for their real time projects. Finally, students get benefited from this session on Gaming Development (AR/VR)