Industrial Visits

LIET has established fully air conditioned excellent computing facilities in technical collaboration with TCS. It comprises 300 computers with the latest configuration (Lenovo, HP with dual core) , Linux server, Laser & Inkjet printers, latest software on languages and 10Mbps high speed Internet. Various Labs are interconnected to form centralized network of computing sources using switches.

The campus is inter-­connected through a highly secured Virtual Private Network, where all PCs are inter-­connected to the internet through broadband connection. The college has state-­of-­the-­art computer centers that provide computing facilities comprising of the latest machines linked to a wide range of software, Communication and print services.

Campus is fully equipped with wireless networking and students in many programmes are provided with wireless laptops to help them access the world anytime, anywhere. Latest software like UNIX, JAVA (J2EEE), ORACLE etc. are used to enable work on data analysis, web technologies and software designing

Industrial internship visits are undertaken to expose the students to the industrial environment every semester from III Year to IV Year.

Year Company Name Students count
2014-2015 TCS (Gachi bowli,Hyderabad) 65
2015-2016 SPEHER (Secunderbad) 4
2015-2016 Genesis, (Hyderabad) 4
2015-2016 Sizmic Labs 3
2015-2016 Infosys 40
2015-2016 Oracle 60
2016-2017 TCS 50
2017-2018 Supreme Netsoft Pvt. Ltd. 62

Impact analysis of industrial training:-

  • Students learned the basic knowledge on IPV- 6 Addressing and EIGRP (Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol) from BSNL Hyderabad. EIGRP is an enhanced version of the IGRP developed by Cisco. Networking Concepts like Routing,its advantages and limitations of LAN.
  • Students learned the basic concepts of C, C++ in Programming from Sizmic Labs Hyderabad. These two languages are very helpful for the students to start the coding or programming for any type of Software projects.
  • Students know about the concept of .Net framework and Java programming from TCS, Hyderabad. Most of the students also gain the basic knowledge of the Software Development Life cycle. To do any type of Software projects the student has to go through from this life cycle like Requirements, Coding, Implementation and Testing.
  • Students learned the Database Concepts like SQL, Procedures for managing the company database and works as the Back-end tool from the TCS.