Professional Societies


The Computer Society of India is the first and the largest body of computer professionals in India. It was started on 6 March 1965 by a handful of computer professionals and has now grown to be the national body representing computer professionals. Its membership stands at more than 50,000 in more than 60 chapters throughout India.


The Society is targeted at the IT professionals and also user community at large. Hence the membership of the Society is open to all professionals involved in the field of information technology. The membership categories include Individual and Institutional. In the Individual member category there are five grades namely Fellow, Senior, Member, Associate and Student, whereas Institutional membership includes organisations and educational institutions. A professional can also apply for life membership in the Society.

Benefits of CSI:

  • Access to CSI knowledge portal through Login-id and password.
  • Technology updates through Conferences, Seminars, Tutorials & workshop at discounted rates.
  • A forum for activities like Paper Presentations, Quiz, Competitions and Exhibitions.
  • Ability to connect with distinguished speakers on different technology areas.
  • CSI Certification and Training programs at discounted rates for students.
  • Interaction and collaboration with distinguished academicians, researchers and practitioners.
  • Opportunity to interact with Industry professionals and chalk out a career path.
  • Eligibility for nomination of best Student Branch award.
  • Eligibility for CSI funded minor projects.
  • Permission to conduct events under CSI Banner.
  • Participation in joint events of CSI with its MOU partner / Organization.

Events Organized under the Banner of CSI during the year 2012- 2013: 

  • Inaguration of CSI –Students Chapter 2014, Cheif Guest, Mr. Pramod Mooriath Vice President (Delivery & Operations), Qatalys, Chennai, India on 24/01/2014.
  • A two day workshop on “Android Mobile Development” on 24th,25th of Jan 2014, Chief Guest, Mr. Pramod Mooriath Vice President (Delivery & Operations), Qatalys, Chennai, India.


The Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE) is a national, non-profit making professional body, registered under the society’s registration Act of 1860. Started in 1941 as the Association of Principals of Technical Institutions (APII), later it was converted into “Indian Society for Technical Education”, New Delhi in 1986 with a view to enlarge its activities to advance the cause of technical education in the country. It is the only national organisation of educators in the field of engineering and technology. ISTE Students’ Chapters has been established in LORDS in 2010. It is mandatory for all faculty members of the Institution to be a part of ISTE society.


From then till now this Chapter has taken the lead role in carrying on the various co curricular and extracurricular activities in this college. Apart from a number of other activities, this chapter yearly hosts various inter-college events that take the young technocrats to the next level.


S.No. Society Members Incharge
Mr. Abdul Rais
Mr. Abdul Rais

Full Details of the Membership

S.No Name Of the faculty Departmental Professional Membership No(CSI)
1 Dr.T.K Shaik Shavali F8002350
2 Dr.Badrinath 2010000432
3 G.Kumar F8002351
4 Abdul Rasool MD 201000083
5 Shaik  Maheboob 201000062
6 Sadaf  Raheman 201000063
7 Abdul Rais F8002352
8 Qazi Altafuddin F 201000084
9 Mateen Ahmed 201000064
10 S.Zubair 201000102
11 MominMahaboob Ali 201000092


S.No Name Of the faculty ISTE Membership Number
1 Dr.T.K Shaik Shavali LM120293
2 Dr.Nagi Reddy LM38315
3 Dr.Badrinath LM122042
4 G.Kumar LM120296
5 Abdul Rasool MD LM72859
6 Ashlesha K LM120297
7 Saba Sultana LM120299
8 Fouzia Sultana LM120300
9 Shaik  Maheboob LM120301
10 Sadaf  Raheman LM120302
11 Abdul Rais LM120303
12 Asra Begum LM120304
13 Qazi Altafuddin F LM120305
14 Zunaira Begum LM120306
15 Mateen Ahmed LM120307
16 Fatima Sougra LM120308
17 S.Zubair LM120310
18 C.Srikanth LM120312
19 Sai Kiran LM120313
20 Akber Ali LM120314
21 MominMahaboob Ali LM120315
22 Amer Noor Khan LM120316