The Following Projects Are Being Done By The Students  ECE

S.NO Category Idea Technology Idea Usefulness Opportunity (Market Size) Commercialization/Stage
1 Automation Trash Bin collection convayer belt Go pick trash can 3 3 Idea
2 Health App Health Monitoring App of Sensors Heart Beat, Temprature Sensor Integration 3 3 Idea
3 Display Programmable Public Display with Less LED Programmable, LED Bulbs for perception based messaging 2 1 Idea
4 SpyBot Night Vision Camera, Drone Prototype is available 3 3 Idea
5 Home Automation Retrofit the current junction 1 1 Idea
6 Energy Metering Retrofit the meter with prepaid control Cost Effective 1 1 Idea
7 Energy Monitoring Transformer monitoring 8 Param assessments 3 3 Idea Validation