List of Publications

1 V Karthik Distributed Energy Resources (DER or De) To Regulate Voltages In Future Distribution Systems with a High De Penetration IJR VOL5 ISSUE7
2 V L Surya Prabha Modeling Of Single-Phase To Three-Phase Drive System Using Two Parallel Single-Phase Rectifiers IJR VOL5 ISSUE7
3 Mallikharjun Fault Location Algorithm for Three-Terminal Transmission Lines: Distributed Time Domain Line Model IJR VOL5 ISSUE7
4 G.SWETHA Application Of Pv Solar Farm As Pv-Statcom For Reactive Power Compensation During Day And Night In A Transmission Network IJR VOL3 ISSUE3
5 G.Naresh Goud Design of a 15-Level Inverter with Modular Multilevel Converter Technique Using Facts IJR VOL3 ISSUE3
6 Sk Zia Ul Huq Implementation of Hybrid Switch Based Soft Switching Inverter for UHE Traction Motor Drives IJR VOL3 ISSUE3
7 R Venkata Krishna FLC Based Standalone Wind Energy Conversion System IJIRS VOL38ISSUE1
8 MA Haleem Ather Simulation of a New High Step-up high efficiency interleaved converter for Renewable energy system IJIRS VOL8 ISSUE1
9 ASHWINI Reactive Power Control of Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Wind Generator With Matrix Converter IJR VOL28 ISSUE2
10  BAIRI VENKATESHWARLU  A New Transformer-less Multi Level Inverter to Reduce Leakage Current Using Multi Carrier Modulation FED Induction Motor Applications IJR VOL4 ISSUE2