Science and Humanities

A Glimpse Of S&H Dept.

In the arena of Engineering the Department of Science And Humanities acts as a substratum in the first yr course of Basic Science And Humanities imparts the basic knowledge of various disciplines like Mathematics, Physics , Chemistry and English. The faculty of this dept. Comprises of PhDs , well experienced Asst. Professors and well trained Asst. professors , Who has an ablest to sculpt nascent engineers into efficacious technocrats. Thus, boosting the logical , critical, communication and cognitive skills, emphasising on the overall development of the students’ personality. Discipline also plays a prominent role to instil moral ethics and values among the budding engineers who will be groomed to adopt professionalism at the first step of their engineering.
The dept. of S&H is known for its unparalleled activities like Orators’ club, which is one of its kind ; where students can not only develop public speaking skills but also become event organisers and inculcate team spirit among themselves. Other activities like Department Fests , Quiz Competitions, Model Exhibition & Talent Hunts have been organised through out the semesters . Apart from academics first year students have also been taken to Excursions and Industrial visits to get the exposure of the corporate world.
“ Discipline is the refining fire through which talent becomes ability “
Roy . L. Smith; The department of Science and Humanities exactly serves this Saying that technocrats are being grown to professionals under well disciplined atmosphere of the campus of LIET.
The entire department of Science and Humanities welcomes our new technocrats , with the spirit of enthusiasm and optimism .
With Regards

Prof. Syeda Nusrath Fatima
The Head of the department
Science & Humanities .