Self funded

At Lords, we believe that, as far as engineering education is concerned, practical training and theoretical knowledge are both equally important to produce engineers who can be readily accepted in the industry. As part of their curriculum, the students are involved in various projects that happen across campuses. A cell dedicated to monitoring the quality of the projects has also been constituted in each of the campuses. The cell also acts like a facilitator and connects students, keen on a particular project, to the respective subject experts across industry and academia.

Some of the unique industry and research oriented projects that the students of class of 2012 have done include

  • Hybrid car which uses water as a part of the fuel
  • Solar powered car
  • Spy helicopter
  • Multipurpose robot
  • Wirelessly operated fire extinguisher
  • Android smart phone based motor controller.
  • Design and implementation of data encryption algorithm for LTE advanced (4G-5G) technology using VHDL.b
  • Human assisting robot.
  • Speed synchronization of multiple motors in textile mills.
  • Synchronized traffic junction signalling (get green signal all-through at any street junction)-A new concept to ease traffic congestion in metros.
  • SMS based intelligent audio video player using ARM9.
  • Wireless security control system and sensor network for fire detection.
  • Wide band channel estimation using pilot carriers in 3GPP LTE.
  • Android smart phone based detection and communication system.
Apart from these projects, the faculty is also involved in a lot of research projects as part of their thesis work for PhD. From time to time, the students of the group get associated with such faculty and gain invaluable practical and theoretical knowledge, which usually is beyond the scope of their coursework. Some of the areas of core engineering include

  • Mobile Adhoc Networks (CSE)
  • Image Processing (CSE)
  • Data Mining (CSE)
  • Network Security (CSE)
  • Wireless Communication (ECE)
  • Image Processing (ECE)
  • Neural Networks (EEE)
  • Micro Grids (EEE)
  • Composite metals (Mech)
  • Heat Transfer (Mech)
  • Alternate Fuel Technology(Mech)
  • Structural Engineering (Civil)
  • Petroleum Engineering (Petroleum))