Report on A Two Day National Workshop on IOT and It’s Applications

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CSE Department organised “A Two Day National Workshop on IOT and It’s Applications” from 9-10 March, 2018.
As we know IOT (Internet Of Things) a world where “things” (devices or sensors) are connected and able to share data. Data coming from these devices and sensors provide business insights that were previously out of reach. The invaluable insight enabled by harnessing and analyzing the data from these connected devices are what the internet of things is about. With this introduction and definition of IOT, the 2 days workshop started.
IOT hardware, protocol, architecture, sensors and its applications, an introduction with arduino uno board was discussed on day 1.

Day 2 started with an introduction to DTH-11 sensor, normally used for measuring temperature and humidity. The application part of the sensor was also discussed. HC05-bluetooth module was also discussed connecting HC05 and arduino board was presented well. The afternoon session was followed with hands on experience.